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Περσίδα εξαερισμού 58 εκ
Περσίδα εξαερισμού 58 εκ
Περσίδα εξαερισμού 58 εκ More Info
6,51 €
 ( 5,25 € excl. tax)
Πλαϊνά απορροφητήρα
Πλαϊνά απορροφητήρα
Πλαϊνά απορροφητήρα More Info
11,28 €
 ( 9,10 € excl. tax)
Πλάτη απορροφητήρα
Πλάτη απορροφητήρα
Πλάτη απορροφητήρα More Info
41,63 €
 ( 33,57 € excl. tax)
Πρεσαριστοί αεραγωγοί
Πρεσαριστοί αεραγωγοί
Πρεσαριστοί αεραγωγοί More Info
2,06 €
 ( 1,66 € excl. tax)

The company ASH, Mourdoukoutas ASH Private Company, merchandises all kinds of furniture accessories for professionals as well as for individuals who wish to choose on their own the products that will decorate their home through a wide variety of products and at great prices.

For several years now, we have been working with the most well-known and established furniture accessories companies so that we can fully cover the needs of our customers by offering them a plenty of options always keeping a high level of quality.


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  • 113, Thessalonikis Ave, Nea Filadelfeia 143 42, Attica, Greece
  • Phone : (0030) 210 2518066
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